Shipment and delivery

Your garments will be delivered by an International Courier (and they run really fast!). Shipment day is?..immediately after checking your payment !!! When payment has been verified, garment will arrive in a few days (it depends on where you live!).
When you receive the box, check if packing is perfectly closed. If not, write this problem on Shipment Document.
You have also to check if garment is complete and correctly shipped according to your order and if quantity is the same written on Shipment Documents.
If you note some problem, please communicate it to Fresh Farm within three days via fax or registered letter or e-mail.
Please check also the content of the box within three days since you have received the goods; if they are damaged or if they do not correspond to the order, you have to follow the same process above described. Any notification after 3 days won't be considered. The costumer assumes the responsibility for what has been written.

- VAT FREE: All VAT FREE requests must be requested and authorized before payment by sending a specific request and documentation to - By default we ship with a receipt: this document is not accepted by customs and, once issued, there prevents you from being able to proceed with the transfer / VAT refund.

European Shipping costs are always one for order: even if you buy more than one object you pay just once:

Austria   euro 9,99
Belgium   euro 9,99
Bulgaria   euro 15,99
Channel Island - Nord Ireland   euro 49,99
euro 54,99
euro 15,99
Denmark   euro 12,99
Estonia   euro 15,99
Finland   euro 15,99
France   euro 9,99
France - Corse   euro 29,99
Germany   euro 9,99
Great Bretain   euro 13,99
Greece   euro 19,99
Grecia Islands   euro 49,99
Ireland   euro 19,99
Latvia   euro 15,99
Leiechteinstein   euro 19,99
Lithuania   euro 15,99
Lussenburgo   euro 12,99
Malta   euro 39,99
Norway   euro 98,99
Netherlands   euro 9,99
Poland   euro 15,99
Portugal   euro 15,99
Portugal (Madara)   euro 42,99
Portugal (Azzorre)   euro 42,99
Czech Republic   euro 13,99
Slovakia   euro 13,99
Romania   euro 14,99
Slovenia   euro 15,99
Spain   euro 11,99
Spain (Baleari)   euro 13,99
Spain (Caniarie)   euro 79,99
Svezia   euro 14,99
Svitzerland   euro 95,99
Turkey   euro 45,99
euro 15,99

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